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12 December 2021 @ 05:55 pm

★ anything you want to say to me, I don't bite, and, I'm a bullhead, but usually I don't bitch
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- gave up trying to make this sound nice.

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orig.: Mintpaper
trans.: wassereis@livejournal
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me: can I still do this?
me: *frustrated* I understand this but how do you say that in english

- someone probs will do a better job
- I went overboard with translating ~freely~ sometimes
- I still hate 아쉽다

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orig.: Twitter
trans.: wassereis@livejournal
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T/N: I saw this and just thought of it like some training or sth, idk. (like, wtf is wording @_@;;) or alternative for self-harmloathing... :/

The last sentence is a fucking joke. (though translated correctly and probably written in all earnest)

Song Minho on 'Oldschool': "Re-appearance on 'Show Me The Money'? Aboslutely NO .. I want to appear on 'Youth Over Flowers'"

Song Minho, member of the boygroup Winner, brings laughter when he strongly says 'never' to a re-appearance on 'Show Me The Money'.

Winner appeared on SBS Radio Power FM 'Kim Chang-ryul's Oldschool' on Febraury 22nd in the afternoon.

On this day Winner were talking about the Variety Programs they would like to appear on. The members mentioned 'Infinity Challenge' and 'Running Man'; when it was Song Minho's turn to answer, the question 'Show me the money?' drew attention.

At that Song Minho said "Never. Absolutely. Again" and voiced his wish "to appear on Youth over Flowers".

Winner are actively promoting the title song 'Sentimental' off their first full length album.

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05 January 2016 @ 05:38 pm
I found this on work and spontaniously decided to translate it (during work *coughs*)

So yeah, I took some liberties and also, my fingers are freezing.
It kinda sounds like they did an interview, but it doesn't look like one. idk, I thought it was a nice/funny read.

„If one tries, it will work out, at first scream“... The rock band The Solutions that moves over worldwide stages

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This was such a fun interview (even if it was painstaiking to translate at times) I don't know why I didn't do it back in June when I found it :T

*my translation skills are not fully back yet.
*the interview is somewhat old, but still worth a read
*Thanks a lot to byeol for helping me and enduring my mental breakdowns<3

Personal Taste - The Solutions

The corner that introduces artists’ music and taste – ‚Personal Taste‘. This time we’re together with the Solutions who revived as a 4 member band.

the tallest, the prettiest, the oldest and a scary but cute drummerCollapse )

translation by me.
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*unpacks rusty translation skills*

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So The Solutions single came out today and since it is a digital single even YOU (yes, you, in a foreign country) can download it legally. I used Naver because I used it before, but also I'm a bit of a Naver fan, anyway, Naver lets you pay via paypal!

Please be aware, I'm awfully sleepy, if you see mistakes, irritating stuff, feel free to contact me.

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23 November 2014 @ 06:18 pm
let's see if I can still do this ...

After two years (or have it been more?) my translation/subbing folder is nothing but a mess, so I picked a complete new one (I just took the newest one I could find). In anticipation of The Solution's Europe Tour. I haven't kept up with anything because I'm a lazy piece of shit and feel a bit horrible about it argh.

however, there are a lot of Interviews in english, so this one is for me, I guess. So please excuse me when I went quite stupid on it from time to time.


*in those 2 years my english skills didn't really improve
*nor did my korean skills (they rather suffered a lot)
*feel free to point out any mistakes or if something is unclear
*take it whereever you want, but leave the credits please

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translated by me
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30 September 2012 @ 11:07 am
* translated for fuckyeahkrock@tumblr, original post

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as usual, no guarantee for no mistakes and perfect english grammar/wording.
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