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The Koxx performance and talk at YHY Sketchbook

So, I'm still on hiatus and not really updated at all, but I simply wanted to sub this :/
my korean skills are still no good, got worse even and I got rusty at subbing. this video gave me also loads of encoding probs. :I

I cut the Troublemaker performance because it was too long for standart youtube format.
The timing was done by a friend, saving me a hell of work<3 *hates timing* there are several parts that were hard to understand so this may have errors.

The highlight in this is definitely the Jung Jae Hyung look-alike and the way YHY deals with him XDDDD

If you want to download this (incl. Troublemaker perf), go here

P.S.: need koxx icons.
P.S.: why is it that nothing works today? succeeding at the 3rd try to upload this I realized I got the wrong vid and this lj entry is the second because I lost the 1rst too. thank you.
Tags: *subbing, ♥koxx

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