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Naver Tutorial - because I'm bored.

since I made a tutorial for soompi on how to become a member of Naver, I just thought I could also put this up in my lj :x

How to become a member of Naver

1. Click on '회원기입' below the log-in form or go straight to www.naver.com
2. Click on the right side the globe for not in korea living foreigners

3. Mark all boxes (it scrolls down for you) and click on beautiful green button saying '동의'
4. You have to get a number from naver. You can choose if you want receive this number via telephone (right) or mobilephone(left). Telephone didn't worked for me, so I recommend mobilephone.

5. A little window opens. It's automatically set on '직접 입력' which means 'direct input'. You have to put your international dialling code in the first box. Or you search babelfish or whatever for the korean writing of your country and choose. My country is Germany, in korean '독일' so I searched in the list and it put in for me the dialling code. (the 2nd pic below)

6. Put in your telephonenumber then in the other field. Click the bold button ('확인')
7. After some seconds you should receive a sms with your registration number. Put the number into the field that just opened.
8. Again, click on the bold button saying '확인'

9. If this window appears and saying something with '성공' everything went well :D Click the button.
10. Now you see a form like this:

ㅇ Type your username in capital letters
ㅇ The ID/nickname you want. Click on button to see if your chosen nickname is available (1rst pic) or not(2nd pic). If it's available you can either take this ID (click button below the first sentence) or try another ID (textarea, bold button). If it is not available you can type directly another ID and click the button with bold fonts.

ㅇ Type your Password, type it again
ㅇ Choose a question and write sth like 'Spinat und Ruebenkraut' or whatever
(or look here for crapy late-at-night-done translation)
ㅇ Choose your country.
ㅇ Choose if you're male or female
ㅇ Choose your birthdate
ㅇ Type your email (if your E-mail doesn't work somehow, you can also take an account on korea.com it's all in english and sounds cool :D)
ㅇ Click the button. A nasty window will open, ignore. Go to your E-mail and check, you should have received a mail with letters and numbers. Type the code into the field below the button. Type your E-mail again.
(my form looked for example like that)
ㅇ click beautiful green button :D

You should be a member of naver now. Congrats.

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