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Rubbers, Rainbows and Icecream


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Take me to Uranus
meStudent (currently failing hard), learning korean, translates stuff (preferably what has not been translated yet, mostly Indie), listens to different music, mostly korean Indie, but has no fav genre thus it may happen she's listening to Yellow Monsters and Arashi at the same time, lol, wants to learn japanese (日本語をべんきょうをしたい!), wants to be able to read korean books, does everything but the important stuff, weird, procrastinator.

stark-indie lyrics::lyricalmovement

meTOPIK level 4♥


achime, arashi, asian kung fu generation, fail, guckkasten, korean music, mate, mot, muse, my aunt mary, naru, no reply, phonebooth, remioromen, serengeti, subbing, super kidd, taegoon, the back horn, the pony, translating, tv yellow, w&whale, whale, yellow monsters,  아라시, 二宮和也, 大野智, , 松本潤, 櫻井翔, 相葉雅紀, 自家撞着, 국카스텐, 나루, 노리플라이, 더블유앤웨일, 람군, 람군들, 마이앤트메리, 메이트, , 무지개, 번역, 세렝게티, 신기루, 아침, 언니네 이발관, 에릭, 옐로몬스터스, 웨일, 지우개, 킹왕짱, 태군, 티비옐로우, 포니, 폰부스, 한국양말, 한국어, 한국음악

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